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Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS

Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS
Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS
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1000 watts of full range power

Kenwood 1000 Watt Amp - KAC-5001PS


Product Description:


Kenwood`s powerful KAC-5001PS 1-Channel amplifier features a full 1000 watts of full range power.


The compact chassis design allows for easy installation under the seats or in the trunk


Includes variable 50-200Hz -24dB/oct Low Pass Filter, and variable Bass Boost control 0-+18dB.


The built-in heat sink operates the amplifier at optimal temperatures to avoid overheating. This gives uninterrupted performance and helps maintain exceptional sound quality even under the most extreme conditions.



The number one cause of amp returns is failure to match the amp to the speakers. Rule of thumb: pick an amp that puts out 80-90% of the RMS power handling of your speakers. For example: if you have 2 4-Ohm single-coil subs that can handle 400W RMS each, you can connect them in parallel and lower the impedance to 2-ohms and end up with a wattage capacity of 800W at your subs. Therefore, you should pick an amp with a spec output of maximum 700-750W RMS @ 2-Ohms. When connecting more than one sub, please make sure that the final impedance is correct. Please make sure to ask us if you have any questions before purchasing an amp, or check out our blog posts regarding matching speakers to amps.





·  4O: 300 Watts x 1 (20Hz-200Hz, 1% THD)


·  2O: 500 Watts x 1 (100Hz, 1% THD)


·  Signal to noise ratio: 83 dB


·  Frequency Response: 20-200Hz


·  Dimensions W x H x D: 9-13/16 x 2-1/4 x 7-9/16



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