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Aftermarket Cruise Control AP60 - Price Includes Fitting

Aftermarket Cruise Control AP60 - Price Includes Fitting
Aftermarket Cruise Control AP60 - Price Includes Fitting Aftermarket Cruise Control AP60 - Price Includes Fitting
$550.00 incl. tax
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Price Includes Fitting

Aftermarket Cruise Control AP60

Vacuum Actuator - Universal Fit Automatic Transmission Or Manual

The Command Cruise Control is supplied as a complete kit with a pad switch that mounts on the dashboard area of the vehicle. This is an entry level product designed for installation by the 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) vehicle owner, or installation by a Professional Installer.

Designed for older vehicles with no electronic speed signal, although the product is suitable for most new vehicle applications, Calibration is factory pre-set, with a minor adjustment for some vehicle types (i.e. 4WD or Commercial), which can be made easily on the electronic module. Limited Cruise Control sensitivity is possible to suit the vehicle or driver's requirements. Suitable for most Australian and imported vehicles including 4WD and light commercials.

A optional clutch switch is recommended for vehicles with manual transmissions.

An optional vacuum tank is available for vehicles with marginal manifold vacuum, such as turbo-charged petrol vehicles, or 4x4 vehicles with smaller engines towing ect.


Functions include; Set/Accelerate, resume/decelerate, on/off, tap up, tap down, brake cut out.

Vacuum actuator cruise control kit with easy to fit throttle linkage kit.

New, easy control, soft button touch pad.

Magnetic speed sensing kit included.

Allows static calibration.

No programming required.

Fits vehicles including 4WD, FWD, RWD, Diesel and Electronic fuel system using mechanical throttle control through accelerator pedal.

Suitable for automatic and manual transmissions.

Suitable for EFI, carburettor and diesel engines.

Wide range of sensitivity adjustments for tailored operation.


Reduces driver fatigue

Assists fuel economy

Avoids unintentional speeding

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