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Engine Noise Suppressor

Engine Noise Suppressor
Engine Noise Suppressor
$35.00 incl. tax
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Effective Against 'Engine Hum' and 'Ticking'

Engine Noise Suppressor

This unit is effective against 'Engine Hum' and 'Ticking' caused by alternators, ignition coils and spark plug leads in automotive car radio and stereo installations.

If the noise is there with the engine off this will not remove the noise.

Connect the red cable (the side with only red cable) to the end of your existing amplifier or other device wiring (+).

Connect the blue cable to ground/negative from battery, and the red cable to battery. (+)

8 Gauge wire

Gold Plated cable terminations

Chrome plated Case

Power rating: 40 AMP 300 watts

Peak current: 70 AMP 500 watts

Voltage Range: 11V - 16V DC

Size: 75(L) x 40(Dia)mm

Ground loop isolators are considered a band-aid, as they suppress a problem that was created during installation. The only true way to fix the problem is to find the cause of the noise and eliminate it. Sometimes running the power wire down one side of the car and the RCA cables down the other will fix the problem. Another common cause is from using power wire that is too small for the audio system. Improvement in performance using this item is not guaranteed.

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